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Victor Reader Stratus

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The Victor Reader Stratus is a digital talking book player capable of playing recorded DAISY audiobooks distributed on CD or DVD.

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Product Description


The Victor Reader Stratus is a digital talking book reader manufactured by HumanWare.

The Victor Reader Stratus from HumanWare is a digital talking book player capable of playing recorded DAISY audiobooks distributed on CD or DVD. It can also play commercial audio CDs and MP3 file CDs. With its large, high-contrast tactile keys, the use of headphones or its built-in speaker, and voice command announcements, the Victor Reader Stratus is accessible to people who are blind or have low vision. The base model of the Stratus4 has four arrows for easy navigation through your novels, magazines and newspapers. Students and professionals may opt for the Stratus12, a model with a 12-key numeric keypad that allows navigation to specific pages in highly structured books like reference volumes or textbooks. Please note that navigation for models with a numeric keypad is the same as for models with four arrows. These are replaced by keys 2, 4, 6 and 8. With its rechargeable battery and integrated handle, the Victor Reader Stratus is also portable.

The Victor Reader Stratus is a continuation of HumanWare's tradition of developing and designing digital audiobook readers that are both convenient and easy to use.
Victor Reader Stratus: Basic model with CD player only and 4 or 12 navigation keys. We are therefore talking about Stratus4 and Stratus12 replacing the VR ClassicX and ClassicX +

Highlights of the DAISY Victor Reader Stratus book reader

  • Smart Key Cover: For users who want a simplified mode of operation, there is an optional removable key cover, designed to hide the 4 navigation arrows or the 12-key numeric keypad. In doing so, it leaves only access to basic controls, simulating the simplified functionality of a cassette player. The Key Cover simplifies some basic operations such as adjusting the tone and volume.
  • Store reading location: The Stratus will resume reading from the point you stopped reading for all books you read, regardless of the number.
  • Variable reading speed: Increase reading speed to read faster. Stratus applies pitch correction to make audio easier to understand even at high playback speeds.
  • Integrated handle and rechargeable battery: The Stratus can go with you everywhere.
  • Sleep Mode: Use the Sleep key to ensure that Stratus will turn off after a specified period of time. You can choose a time period of 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes. With Stratus12, it is possible to enter the number of minutes you want, allowing you to control the number of minutes you want to read, and thus prevent the Stratus from continuing to read a book until at the end even if you fell asleep in class.
  • Quality digital sound: Use the built-in speaker or headphones for private playback. The reader will remember each person's volume level.
  • Talking clock: to know the time and date at any time.
  • Accessibility: All models of the Victor Reader Stratus feature large, high-contrast keys, a speaker or headphone jack, and voice commands, making it quite simply the most popular audiobook player. friendly to all.
  • Portability: You can take and use your Victor Reader Stratus anywhere thanks to its rechargeable battery and integrated carrying handle
  • Navigation: Browse DAISY books in text or audio format by chapter, section, subsection or phrase. Browse MP3 format books and music by moving through folders, files, or by skipping precise time. Move through text files by sentence, paragraph, word. You can also have the words spelled.
  • Catalogs: all content is organized by catalogs. There are catalogs for DAISY books, commercial audiobooks, music files, and text files.
  • Pick up where you left off: For each title, your Stratus will pick up where you left off, regardless of how many documents you are reading at the same time.
  • Very good quality loudspeaker to take advantage of digital quality sound, thus offering very pleasant listening.
  • Bookmarks: The Bookmarks key marks important points in any type of book, audio file or computer document.
  • Go to Page: Enter a page number using the Stratus12's numeric keypad to navigate directly to it, just as if you were going to a specific page in a printed book. Ideal for reference books, cookbooks and textbooks.

Main features

  • Variable speed.
  • Integrated handle and rechargeable battery.
  • Programmable standby.
  • Digital quality sound.
  • Integrated talking clock.
  • Info button.
  • Where am I button
  • Key description mode.
  • The Victor Reader Stratus4 has a simplified navigation pad and removable key cover.
  • The Victor Reader Stratus12 has a numeric keypad.

Additional Information

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  • Formats compatibles : CD DAISY, CD audio, CD MP3, DVD données.
  • Dimensions: 22 x 21.6 x 4.8 cm.
  • Poids: 0.95kg avec pile.
  • Formats DAISY supportés: DAISY 2.0 et 2.0.2.
  • ANSI/NISO Z39.86 2002/2005 (DAISY 3).
  • Pile rechargeable Li-polymère.
  • Temps de recharge: 4 heures.
  • Autonomie de la pile: 10 heures de lecture continue de livres DAISY MP3.
  • Algorithme d'encodage: AAC, AMR-WB+, FLAC, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Speex, WAV.
  • Prise d'alimentation: 2.5 mm (intérieur)/ 5.5 mm (extérieur).
  • Prise pour le casque d'écoute: 3.5 mm.
  • Touches accessibles avec le cache-touches en place: Tonalité/Volume/Vitesse, Mise sous tension, Éjection, Mise en sommeil, Recul, Avance rapide, Écoute-arrêt.
  • Garantie : 2 ans.


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