Logiciels et matériels pour personnes déficientes visuelles


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VarioPro is a professional Braille terminal of modular design, thus allowing to meet the individual needs of the users.

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Product Description


VarioPro adapts to all types of environments and meets high professional requirements. Its ergonomics, of innovative design, allow an intuitive and efficient touch which improves your workstation and guarantees optimal professional performance.

VarioPro: a professional solution for the blind public

  • Innovative and modular concept.
  • Flexible and designed for future developments.
  • Choice between different functional modules intended for professionals.
  • Maximum user comfort and high professional efficiency.

Braille displays that also meet your future challenges

Nowadays, in a professional environment or in higher education institutions, the computer is the most important tool, very often becoming essential for the performance of the tasks to be performed. On a daily basis, VarioPro makes work much faster and smoother thanks to its numerous applications, allowing you to tackle new professional tasks.

It is precisely to meet these types of requirements that VarioPro has been developed. Combined with powerful screen readers such as JAWS, VarioPro can meet the specific needs of each individual. Innovative and scalable, the functional modules accommodate future needs without requiring the purchase of new products.

An innovative and reliable braille terminal

VarioPro is equipped with 4 innovative navigation bars, designed to be activated with the thumbs. With these navigation bars, users are able to read without interruption with one hand, while browsing the computer with the other. The whole process is simplified and allows for faster information processing.

Made of anodized aluminum, it provides a feeling of robustness and proven stability, while maintaining a very clean design. Years of experience in the development and manufacture of braille displays, combined with the use of the most modern technologies, ensure that this device has a long service life and high reliability.

Braille displays with 80 cells are considered the standard in a high performance work environment involving an overview of the screen, whether in the professional or study environment. The functionality of VarioPro perfectly accomplishes everyday office work. It will also be perfect for intensive home use.

Different upgradeable modules are available depending on the applications used

Functional and adaptable function modules create an efficient workspace. These functional modules are freely configurable and can be installed on the right or left.

The state module

This module has four additional braille cells for obtaining information about the status of the selected item and four individually configurable function keys. Usually it is installed on the left side of VarioPro.

The Standard Telephone operating module

This module is used in the workplace to control PBX operating software (switchboard consoles) and in call centers. It has four configurable function keys, a 16-key numeric keypad for handling incoming / outgoing calls or for performing calculations, a scroll bar and 12 additional Braille cells. This function module greatly increases the call center efficiency of a blind or visually impaired operator.

Additional Information

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Données techniques générales

  • 80 cellules Braille avec curseurs routines intégrés.
  • 3 touches de navigation à droite et à gauche de la plage Braille.
  • 4 barres de défilement sur la face avant.


  • Lecteurs d'écran tels que COBRA, Window Eyes, NVDA et JAWS.
  • PC et MAC.

Modules fonctionnels

  • Module d'état avec cellules supplémentaires pour l'affichage des informations d'état de l'objet.
  • Module d'exploitation pour logiciels PBX et centres d'appels

Dimensions et poids

  • 56,1 x 2,3 x 26,0 cm.
  • 3,7 kg.


  • USB.
  • Série.


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