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SMART Brailler

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The Perkins SMART Brailler has a video screen and voice synthesis that display and vocalize the letters and words typed, in real time.

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The perfect tool for learning to type in Braille!

From the next generation of the Perkins typewriter, the Perkins SMART Brailler features a video display and audio feedback. The letters and words typed are displayed in black and in Braille, and the speech synthesis speaks them in real time, offering an instant multisensory experience.

This device is first of all a Perkins typewriter

  • if the computer module is not powered on, it can be used like a standard Perkins machine;
  • by activating the computerized module of the machine, you will have access to other functionalities.

The Smart Brailler supports full braille and abbreviated braille, and offers a choice of several text-to-speech voices for better comfort.

Listen to the words. See the letters. Connect the dots.

The SMART Brailler is the evolution of the Perkins typewriter: from a classic and popular core technology, it offers a high-tech learning and teaching tool. More intuitive for both sighted and blind people, the Perkins SMART Brailler allows them to communicate and learn braille together. Teachers can now see what their students are transcribing into braille, sighted parents can help their children with homework, and students can take charge of their braille learning on their own.

Additional Information

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  • The screen displays the letters in braille and black while the audio feedback vocalizes them.
  • The USB port allows saving and transferring files, in text format, to another device such as a USB key. It also allows you to connect a printer and print directly in black.
  • Voice synthesis of the ACAPELA group.
  • Headphone socket.
  • Volume control.
  • Works like a mechanical braille typewriter, to allow extended use.
  • Rechargeable and removable battery.


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