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With the mission to make every day easier for people with visual disabilities, LVI designs and develops products with high standards for reliability, simplicity and serviceability.

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MagniLink One - the one and only!

The foldable MagniLink One is easy to use with high image quality and user friendly operation. It's the elemental video magnifier that really exceeds expectations.

MagniLink Zip Premium

Portable and convenient. 13.3” monitor and HD camera.

MagniLink TAB - A complete solution

This tablet solution based on a Microsoft Surface Pro with 12,3” screen gives the user a complete mobile solution for both analog and digital documents. The unit is perfect for any smaller task, as well as for long term reading. Use it as a video magnifier with built in OCR, or as a complete computer with access to everything – gives endless possibilities!

MagniLink Vision Basic

Avideo magnifier that offers users with visual impairment all the functions they need at an attractive price. It is a modern, flexible video magnifier with an ergonomic, user-friendly design.

The MagniLink Vision with text to speech functionality

MagniLink Vision TTS, is the most advanced video magnifier from LVI. You get advantage of having a high quality video magnifier that also reads text aloud. That’s the best of both worlds – all in one product! Use the video magnifier mode for writing or reading and when you get fatigued or encounter long passages, just switch to TTS mode to listen to the text displayed on the screen. The spoken text is synchronized with the magnified text and is easy to follow if you wish. Or just sit back, and let the MagniLink Vision TTS do the reading for you. You’ll find it restful and enjoyable. Plus the reading mode helps maximize your reading endurance.

MagniLink Voice 2

A reading machine with focus on simplicity, high performance and contemporary design. It’s the user-friendly reading machine that exceeds expectations./p>

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