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An abacus can represent numbers up to 13 digits and the four basic operations.

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Product Description


The abacus is a tool to calculate formed of a rectangular frame fitted with pins on which slide balls. Plastic, ball machine consists of 13 columns divided into 2 parts with the top 1 ball, 4 balls down.

It allows to represent numbers up to 13 digits and the four basic operations.

It belongs to the category abacus abacuses alternating basis (5, 1) in which each stem has two parts: an upper part or on which the balls are worth 5 units (or 5 tens, hundreds ... 5 according to position the rod) and a lower portion on which the balls are 1 unit (or one ten, one hundred ... according to the position of the rod).

Each column (or stem) represents in from the right, units, tens, hundreds etc. Five balls below the bar insertion are each one, and the ball located above the rod is five.

Is taken into account in calculating the number shown that activated balls, that is to say displaced near the horizontal center bar.

Additional Information

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  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 15.5 cm
  • Weight: 100 g.


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